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Cancel Culture vs Boycott


Seems many are confused about these two items. I often hear those who boycott to be just like cancel culture.


A boycott is your decision for yourself. You choose not to buy an otherwise acceptable product based on the behavior of a company. Individuals can boycott as well as groups.

Cancel culture is taking a different step. It includes boycott but adds violence. Cancelling isn’t just a refusal to buy, but a demand that the seller not sell. In other words, it is, in a manner of speaking, forcing the business owner to boycott his own business against his will. That is the violation.

To put it in ordinary terms, I may not want to be friends with Walt. So I avoid him. All fine. But what kind of weirdo would put a gun to Walt’s head and require he never be friends with anyone else?

In legal terms, a boycott means not buying from the corner drug dealer. Cancel culture means drug dealing is illegal. That’s the difference.

How do you define these terms?

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