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They erase gender.


In philosophy, we discover essential properties. Things that do not change because they have a nature. To change would be to cease to exist. Humans have essential properties, like a soul embodied, reasoning potential, a sex, a human nature.

Postmoderns hate this with a passion. They scream at all things “essentialism.” But they never doubt they their screams are essential.

Their view is that everything can be changed with technology to match their desires. Period. Desires, emotions, appetites—these drive the show. (Many libertarians live the same way!) Anything in the way of that is out of bounds. All the hype about “equity” is to arrive at that.

In gender, their aim is to erase it. They have chosen sexual appetite to be “essential” and technology to be the liberator to reach the desired goal. If sex (and that includes procreation) can be flattened to mean nothing, then it has no morality around it. That means all who are procreated, while not “assigned a gender” at birth, are assigned a value”: to serve the appetites of others or be expendable. Equity means gobble up what you can and expire at your own (or by proxy) nihilistic hand. Raise the debt ceiling. Abort at birth. Gender is fluid. Stand for anything as long as others see you do it. Binge on serial shows. Eat from a microwave. Be flattered by commercials. Sleep with digital devices. Take soma for the sadness. This is postmodern progressivism and they want to absorb every shred of you for “equity.”

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