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Reality writes a fine narrative.


Most of human history is the struggle between reality and fantasy. Either we accept reality (nature, moral knowledge, etc) or avoid it. It’s either God in the heavens or we build Babel to the heavens.

The postmodern world has craftily developed a concept that reality is merely words. When we change the words, we make a new narrative and change reality itself.

We are currently swimming in this fantasy all around us. Always new narratives telling us what is real, what is important. But those who love reality, love truth, love knowledge must anchor themselves in places where Reality’s Unchanging Narrative is found and can never be destroyed. But we have to stop feeding the fantasy if we hope to hold on. Once reality is lost, we are like astronauts in a space walk, broken from our tether, drifting off into the hopeless dark. The urgency to hold onto reality is infinitely greater than any urgency over melting polar caps. But the polar caps become a new narrative pushing us more adrift.

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