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Postmoderns don’t create, they destroy.


Returning to Twitter has given me some refreshed reminders of why society has turned to barbaric sophistry. This meme is one.
Marxism never starts from scratch nor ever sustains itself. It always revolts against another, uses what another has built, and then depends on capitalism on the outside (and pragmatically in the inside) to sustain it. Social media platforms started with free enterprise in mind, voices for all. I remember during the Iranian uprising years ago when Twitter gave us access to what was happening on the ground. What a marvelous breakthrough. But something happened. It slowly became a totalitarian company bent on deconstructing what others made in order to PRETEND to be its former self. Under this guise, it became a monster of censorship and bullying, filled with passive greasier rejoinders, and empty souls in search of fabricated meaning.
But maybe Twitter can return to its roots. Maybe. Time will tell. What we do know is that Leftists will struggle to start anything new. They’ll find another to parasite on, like they have with Facebook and Instagram.

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