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Is free speech a problem?


First, consent does not make immoral things moral. The left obliterated sexual morality long ago and even many on the right have accepted “consent makes it good” as fact.
Second, lack of consent does not make an unwanted thing immoral or bad. Fear of showers does not make water immoral.
Third, do you see the consistency in this view of censorship with everything else postmodern? Postmoderns want to create a reality that fits their passion. Literally, they create thicker bubbles to avoid reality at all costs. Free speech hurts that bubble. But the problem is the bubble not the speech.
Fourth, free speech is the best, safest, and fastest way to find Reality (truth) so that we can conform to it. Those who seek truth above politics, power, belonging, and likeability can relax knowing we need no ideological bubbles to live in peace and joy.

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