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Climate, gun bans, abortion… for central power.


It’s laughable when you hear abortionists say they want their bodies as deregulated as guns. You and I know that’s born of ignorance. And it gets traction from the ignorant. Both of these lobbies play off each other to misinform.
Add climate action into the mix. We’ve been actively recycling over 20 years. That’s climate action. We support better mileage on vehicles. We abhor pollution and littering. We reduce plastics and clean oceans. We protect reefs and manage forests. We support real conservation efforts. But the ignorant will say we need action NOW as if nothing has been done, as if nobody cares.

That’s how they sneakily get the ignorant to vote for the next action in a long, long list of actions that end up being nothing about reducing slavery, violence, nor carbon. But their initiatives are greatly connected to reducing power from the individual and pooling it all in a Central Power. Oh and that Central Power needs to hold the door open for unmitigated abortions to normalize and justify the diminishing value of human life and rights and bolster population controls.

#CentralPowerNow is the proper hashtag for all these.

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