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Abortion and mass murder.


Journalists rouse from their repetition, politicians feel morally important, and the lobbyists open their wallets and send out their sleeper cells of protest whenever a mass murder occurs. They love it. Gives them purpose. They don’t have to appear as the moral degenerates they are on most other issues, like war, baby killing, codependent racist urban policies, taxation, etc. Smiles break across their faces at the news that a person with a firearm, no wait, a white man with a firearm did something. Then the feigned concern. The money and power opportunity has presented itself anew!
Meanwhile on the other side of town, people who would never be role models, are begged to keep mass murder legal. Millions have been killed with a scalpel and vacuum. The bodies are stacked so high that, by comparison, it’s statistically insignificant how many have been murdered with a bullet. Reasonable people condemn murderers and don’t blame scalpels.
Abortion is mass murder too. And until we stop exploiting the murder of others for our own gain, we cannot advance beyond our barbarism. Gun control and abortion are both barbarous victim blaming for the benefit of happy tyrants.

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