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A safe space for sinners is a dangerous space for saints


Free speech means nothing if there is no truth, no virtue, no good man or woman among us. Free speech is to let the poets and prophets get through because we, at least in paper, need their words above all else. Yet, in application, they are the ones we want to hear least. We need what we do not want.

Did you know that in Israel’s history, the Temple was the most sacred place in the planet? God’s very presence was here. He lived with his people, unlike any other so-called gods. Yet in Jesus’ day, the Temple was also the best place for political corruption to hide? That’s why Jesus threw over the money changers. That’s why he said the Temple, which was a “house of prayer for all nations,” was made into a safe space (den) by and for thieves.

Always expect evil to come cloaked in righteous robes and righteous words. They carve out safe spaces in the institutions we value. They carve out safe spaces in the trends people follow. The more saintly you become, the more easier they are to spot. Yet the more dangerous you will become. They call the best of saints terrorists. And they take the heads of uncensored prophets. But it’s not worth all the treasures in the world to join them and their trends. It costs your soul.

Thanks for coming to my #sundaysermon.

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