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Real inclusion or branded inclusion?


These groups have proved themselves pure isolation, segregation, inequality, and exclusion. They are incompatible ideologies with an open society.

They’ve all done a great job MARKETING themselves as trendy and loving. But so does the perv driving the candy van. “He just wants to love the kids and include them all? What’s wrong with that?”

My definitions of the first choice: Diversity: all ideas are allowed to be spoken but not required to be followed. All people are allowed to participate. Equality: everyone has equal footing, without bias, before the law. Inclusion: Nobody is forced to be included in a certain group in order to qualify to participate in society. All are included in the opportunities of all free citizens. None of the groups named in the image above support these values. They’ve been shown to hate liberty, opportunity, diversity of ideas, tolerance and respect for those who choose other ways, and reject the inclusion in an open society those outside their fences.

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