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Gun control is always unjust.


If you support gun control, you support systemic injustice.

Gun control is giving more power to the system that brought you mandates and horrible virus science. The ones who unjustly forced people out of work and shamed you in the streets. The ones who faked a kidnapping of a Michigan gov, known to groom domestic terrorists, run Russian hoaxes. The ones who are not obligated to protect you, who won’t even run into a school full of defenseless children. The ones who refuse to open oil lines and call inflation a good thing. Who shame those who believe in the Bill of Rights. You want those people to have more power and your kids more defenseless? What did they ever do to earn your trust?

Yeah, systemic injustice is alive and well. And those that support gun control are enabling injustice. No matter how popular it is, it will always be unjust. Always.

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