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Universal background checks is the knot.


If there are zero options to exercise a right without govt approval and punishment, it is no longer a right. imagine needing a permit to speak, to write, to have a child, to worship. What thing on earth has the moral authority over a persons natural rights? None save God alone. That we have background checks at all is already a violation but courts wrongly permit it because there are a few narrow options without the background check: Homemade guns and private transfers with friends and family. Many nefarious people blame those private transfers unjustly and wish to be involved in your private affairs of self-empowerment.

The crowds are large that repeat “universal background checks” without a thought because Bloomberg’s media arm has conjured it up as a solitary taking point overlaying a long strategy of violent confiscation if they can get it passsd. What the populace does not realize is that if they like background checks at all, they may lose them with this approach. If universal background checks are passed, it is likely that the courts may strike down even the ones currently in place. Destroy all avenues of a right and even the current narrow avenues broaden.

For those that don’t know, most if not all mass murders are done with people who did pass a background check. So get out your sniffer and see if this passes the sniff test. Politicians are calling for it, when it wouldn’t have changed any of the current outcomes. Sniff sniff. This speaks to their other intentions: to identify every innocent gun owner and slowly choke out the populations ability to preserve their lives, property, and self-governance.

Now imagine if someone stole a donkey and then the politicians who wanted to ban chickens started talking about chicken bans because of a donkey theft. Would that make you suspicious? And would that not be a major distraction toward solving the donkey crisis?

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