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Jesus said to defend the vulnerable.


In our nation’s history, gun bans began on immoral grounds, denigrating the humanity of others to make them vulnerable: blacks, native Americans, etc.

Later, as anti-morality made its way from the “intellectuals” through the culture, pragmatism justified making everyone vulnerable. Pragmatism took root and banned alcohol to address bad husbands. That created a mafia underground that brought mafia/police violence. In 1934, just after they dropped the failing prohibition of alcohol the pragmatists started the prohibition of guns to make everyone vulnerable. Same logic. Address the gun rather than the bad citizen. Banning alcohol bred violence. Banning guns has continued to bring uncountable violence.

We are now a pragmatic, not a moral culture. The 2nd Amendment is a signpost reminder of the older, better era that the “intellectuals” talked is out of. Yet that signpost still shows usthe way back. While we address the problem of bad people, let’s stop the religiously zealous Prohibitionist Mentality of misplaced anger.

I know no better solution to stopping bad people who refuse to become good than to deter them from badness. And to deter them, good men and women must be ready to defend the widow, orphan, and vulnerable. This is the logic of Jesus. This was his timeless moral view.

We can ignore him. We can call him wrong. But we can’t play fairy-tale and say he was against everyday people defending the innocent from every form of evil with the best tools of his, and any, day.
Thanks for coming to my #sundaysermon.

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