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You cannot choose happiness.


What is the language of happiness? A true worldview, virtue, emotional health, a strong will, an ability to name evil and vice, good work, etc. Happiness gradually arrives.

What would you add?

Many today confuse happiness with cheerfulness and positivity. We can choose those, often by lying to ourselves, but that still isn’t happiness. The Founders knew this when they said happiness is, not a choice, but a “pursuit.” The ancients connected happiness to human flourishing. Are you flourishing? Do you need others to make choices for you to learn the language of flourishing? Do you need others to get out of your way? The answer is yes, to varying degrees, in all this. An abusive parent, spouse, or institution can get in the way. This is why govt becomes evil when it gets in the way of the flourishing life. It is immoral and burdens happiness to keep good people from doing good things (e.g. gun control, income tax, censorship, red flag laws, compulsory education, red tape, etc).

Thanks for coming to my #sundaysermon on a Monday. 😄

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