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Diversity isn’t a value but a description.


Diversity 101 should teach that various opinions matter, that the wide range of individuals can best run their own lives rather than the few running it for them, that if some states have laws you don’t like, that’s a “strength.”

But we don’t see that. For progressivism to work, it must create a Vatican-like structure and oversee the nation to dictate communist purity from the top down. Otherwise, their utopia doesn’t work. “Diversity” for them is just a manipulative tool they don’t believe themselves. Whenever they can control a thing, they immediately revert to a lack of diversity for the monolithic.

For myself, “diversity” isn’t an actual value nor an ideal. It’s a description that tells you nothing about telos or health. Truth, goodness, and beauty and human flourishing for all trumps diversity every day of every week till the end of time.

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Jonalyn Fincher
Jonalyn Fincher
1 year ago

I’ve noticed the double standard with a local Progressive artist I met recently in the Seacoast. She had invited a group of locals to paint outside in her yard. I knew she was Progressive from her political signs on her lawn. I was warm and complimented her garden and the nice cul-de-sac.
“Oh, this is a nice neighborhood. Such good neighbors. No one, you know.”
She gave me a significant look. I didn’t return it just remained interested and listening.
“None of those awful conservatives.”
“Oh!” I said, saddened by her exclusivity and narrow-mindedness. Then I thought of a response. I smiled and said, “Well, maybe I should move out of the neighborhood because I’m conservative.”
I saw a nearby artist grinning over the exchange. The hostess backpedaled as fast as she could.

Diversity, my foot.

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