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Is gun control like rape?


They claim advocating for firearms isn’t pro-life. But they then send guns (police, security detail, etc) to advocate for their own lives. Firearms on their own behavior are pro-life. But by their political rhetoric, that would be like sending an abortion to stop abortions. Imagine ending car wrecks with more car wrecks. Imagine casting out darkness with darkness. My followers know these are gross contradictions already. But here we are. The logic must be repeated in the public square.

A woman has a right to choose who to procreate with AND how defend herself. If her right to choose who to procreate with is removed it is either an arranged marriage or rape. So if her right to defend herself is removed, what do we call that? Tribal parenting or rape. Since the govt has no natural or moral authority of a parent, then we have one option. Gun control is rape.

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Jonalyn Fincher
Jonalyn Fincher
1 year ago

This is without a doubt a provocative post. However, I think I’d nuance that last line “Gun control is rape.” To “Gun control is like rape in how it forces a person to remain vulnerable and exposed against their wishes.”

Otherwise, keep it up!

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