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Democrats think they know guns better than women.


If you only read Democrat endorsed media, you don’t see any of the nonsense (same is true of Republican endorsed media). A good citizen has to slice through all the noise the best he can to engage and plan.

I don’t know enough of the details of foreign, energy, climate, and immigration policy to see the heart of the issues enough to make provocative commentary. But I do know the 2nd Amendment, education, gender, moral boundaries (rights) and taxation.

Democrat lobby groups have engaged in a decades-long battle to redefine words. This is a popular postmodern maneuver to destroy institutions of authority (like the academy and dictionaries). One such area is defining guns. They make hunting rifles into “assault weapons” and “weapons of war” because the word change has political punch. But that’s all it is. Anyone over 20 who knows firearms at all finds it disingenuous and laughable. Yet it works on the ignorant as the ATF writes laws redefining words all the time under the cover of bureaucracy. And dictionaries change their definitions too. Policy is shaped around confidently invented words.

But move to sex/gender and the authority is nature. Human nature in particular (though postmoderns, again, like to study penguins and frogs and redefine humans to have the same nature). But political powers bent on exploiting children and forcing “family” to become a social construct, have been caught on congressional record no less unable to define “woman.” Nature has no authority, though all the hard sciences are based on it. Gender destruction is related to both men and women but women are easier to attack at the moment. Wordsmiths call it valiant. Moral women call it sexist. Men are in women’s sports, men are having babies, women are redefined as “birthing persons.” This isn’t radical Twitter stuff. This is policy on an international scale.

Don’t be bothered by me pointing it out. Be bothered with whomever is aiding and abetting the false ideas which leads to corrupt policy and further destruction at the expense of everyone’s life, liberty, property, and family.

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