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The 2a is for ALL arms, not just small arms.


Regarding the special hearing in Congress this week on “assault rifles,” the Democrats’ whole position for years is to whittle away at the lethality of certain features on small arms. SMALL arms. They are fixated on it without seeing the inconsistency. And people try to argue within that criteria of lethality by pointing to minutia and contradictions. Hand grips. Bayonet attachments. Magazines.


We know there are contradictions among democrats talking guns. They can’t help it. They need to push the emotional over the reasonable. But we gotta stop playing that game. Guns are lethal when applied to lethal purposes. They are not lethal when they are not. That is a design. When employed for justice we celebrate them; when employed for evil we condemn them. We fixate on tools and not intentions. We have eradicated telos from the public square and talk in Darwinian circles. Guns are a moral good. And banning them is a moral wrong. Now let’s push back on the idiocracy that thinks it can ban evil by banning the good. The conversation should immediately expand against ALL the bans. Talk about civilians owning warships again, drones, tanks. Get the talk off the lowest end of the spectrum, the last molecules left of the 2nd Amendment. The 2a is for ALL arms, not just small arms.

Blows my mind how many adults can talk and think like children on this issue with a straight face.

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