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Read up with Open Source Defense.


This is a spontaneous endorsement (they don’t know me nor know that I’m posting this). I believe our responsibility as free and good people is to point out the work that resonates with us. Platformed Voices for the 2a are prolific. Many are news. Many are gun reviews and info for owners. Some are legal analysis. Few go into the cultural philosophical side of things in a clear and accessible way. But @opensrcdefense does (find them on Instagram and Twitter). Every essay is a delight to read to deepen your perspective on the interplay of culture, law, rights, and human behavior.
Check out their newest essay on why decentralization is more efficient than centralization when it comes to a just society. In it you’ll also find a new shooting drill (Dicken Drill—you’ll enjoy the details of that), a link to research of media links to mass murders (see second slide for excerpt) as well as offering a free 30-minute video call for new gun owners!

Then subscribe to their substack to notified of new essays.

Seriously. You want to put them in your circle of influencers. Their approach is what we need to build a secure future.

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