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Libertarian and the loss of goodness.


If Libertarian merely meant there is an authority higher than government that government should never violate, I can celebrate that. But far too many claim government should be reduced or eliminated BECAUSE of the self being the highest authority. Therefore they will promote any lifestyle and choice as a Right. You see it in their tweets and memes. Freedom, not goodness, is their telos.

Remember, freedom is a means, not an end. Freedom is a means to goodness. We misuse it as a means to badness. Yes, get the ogres out of the road but not so that we can become ogres ourselves.

Rights have moral properties. Nobody has a right to be immoral. Abortion for example isn’t a right. One may argue government should stay out of it but no moral person can say you have the moral freedom and right to have one.

The exaltation of the appetite in the libertarian sector is as bad as in the progressive sector. The only difference being whether one needs government to do wrong.

You notice these issues? You disagree with me? Let’s here it! 👇🏼

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