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Gender Politics Trap


This one needs explaining.
If you’ve studied philosophy (metaphysics, philosophy of science, philosophy of mind), you run into this concept of “identity.”Identity is what a thing is. What is a tree? What is a cloud? What is an atom? What is diamond? What is a human person? And then analyzing it, you discover the necessary and sufficient conditions of what makes that thing what it is.

TDLR: Human persons are embodied souls. Persons have desires but those desires don’t define a person. A person’s identity does not require something outside of itself to be what it is. A horse doesn’t need a rider to be a horse. A man doesn’t need a woman to be a man.

In the postmodern world, identity has been trashed. We are told the world outside our heads doesn’t exist or we have no access to it. We have no real identity, according to them. We just have words, language we use to shape concepts around a world that may or may not exist. We shape our own identities around our own desires and appetites. If a baby gets in our way, we relabel it a “fetus” and terminate. If economics gets in our way we print money and redefine recession. If our appetites are thwarted by reality, we call reality a “construct” and make our own identities fit our appetites. If I want to be a different sex, I just announce it. If I want to be a furry, I announce it. And by announcing it, I change my “identity” with words.

But identity never changed. We just pretend it has.

This is lodged in our discourse everywhere because we allowed ourselves to get super sloppy about what identity means. And once appetite becomes identity, we build communities around that appetite and call it a community of identities (and its allies). Hence LGBTQ is born.

Now that community must adhere to another political identity to lodge the confusion deeper. That community is now “democracy.” And as we know “democracy” now means word games of postmodern Marxism.

And if you are for “democracy,” then you have to choose the party with that name in it.

Go back to the first fork in the road and see how it all began. We forgot identity. We don’t know who we are. And at the end of that wrong turn we end up in slavery.

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