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Is Labor Day a celebration?


Do a web search of Labor Day founders, events that preceded it, and national and international communist beliefs that influenced it. You’ll be enlightened and wonder why this these 19th century fashions remain a thing. Did you know your BBQ celebrates communist roots, which erases the individual for the collective, reduces the human onto a mere worker, which pits innocent fellow citizens against one another, which empowers the state over your small business, destroys rights and private property, which removes your own decision making for the legal rules of work, and has a long history of silencing dissent with disappearances in the night. We now know a century later that “democratizing work” just means enabling union bosses extracting your dues to run the state. They will talk about the glorious successes of the labor movement. But a few practical outcomes in the young industrial revolution does not erase the ever unfolding moral problems of Marxist slavery.

Labor Day is a good day to remember that the battle against the collectivists for liberty and human dignity has been a long one that even our great, great, great grandparents inherited.

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