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People have rights, not government.


Governments don’t have natural rights. They are social constructs. When govt does not serve to protect the moral and natural rights of people, it is disqualified as a legal organization.

Private property is an individual right, ESPECIALLY income and housing. Therefore income and property taxes are wrong.

Self-defense is an individual right. Therefore gun bans and weapon restrictions are wrong.

Parenting is an individual right. Therefore compulsory “education” is wrong.

We can create a long list. But unless we understand the NATURE of humans (a person that possesses rights in his being) and Status of Govt (a non-personal, non-natural entity that has no rights or being), we struggle to apply the proper moral principles. We’ve grown so postmodern in our daily thinking that we’ve been convinced these entities create morality (notice how they make the innocent into criminals as people say of the innocent, “Well, they should have known better”) and we defend their necessity to exploit us.

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