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When they ask if you have guns at home.


Because Bloomberg wiggled his pet issues into medicine (like many others we know), doctors now ask about firearms on their patient info questionnaires. Add to that, school teachers ask kids about firearms at home. Police knock on your door without notice asking about firearms. Gunphobia lobbies want banks to track gun purchases. All of this is an attempt on the lives of the innocent. It may not be a direct attempt today, but neither was putting the innocent on train cars in 1943. We already know many today would have complied in 1943 because they comply over less risky things now.

Firearms are tools for the innocent to protect the innocent. Nobody has a right to know if you are harboring innocence that they wish to exploit. Nobody has a right to know. But they will use doctors and teachers to find a way.

Think about it. Ready your family today with answers you will be asked in the future.

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