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The 2nd Amendment is all about self-defense.


Self defense is the first right of nature. Not just to stop the average criminal, but all possible acts of violence upon the innocent. This includes evil in the govt as well as evil invaders. The number of scenarios self-defense may be required is immeasurable. When anyone hinders this, whether neighbor or government, it is immoral. No excuse can make it moral. No bad actor can cancel the right. No manufactured fear from a noisy populace is sufficient. No argument for erasing self defense is the laughable name of “safety” is remotely credible.

When our weakening military falters and the enemy is at the gate, tax money and paper mandates will not protect you. Only the iron laws of nature are available. Voting against self-defense, like voting against food, is self-defeating. You have a right that others not impede it. Freedom is the ultimate safety. Freedom is life. Freedom makes a way.

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