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The midterms election is a response to the COVID response


What did they the progressive, globalist govt teach us about itself with its behavior during Covid?

1) That it believes itself the final word on the hard sciences.

2) That children belong to them.

3) That parents who dislike (2) are terrorists.

4) Anyone who disagrees with the spokespeople are also terrorists who deserved to be censored and jobless.

5) That an excuse like Covid is enough to destabilize our own military, destabilize elections, cohort with social media companies to drive messaging and call truth “misinformation,” and print free money.

6) They spent all the trust in the medical community. Doctors revealed they are sheep of medical administrations and cannot be trusted with sound medical advice without your own research.

Shall I go on? Never vote for someone who has shown themselves so incompetent in a crisis that they destroy your life and liberty. The first sign of competence is protecting life and liberty.

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