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When your Party changes, do you notice?


Unprincipled people are as fickle as animals. They follow their appetites wherever they lead. They will buckle under any pressure. They will surrender to loud voices just to turn down the volume. They will eat bad food because it’s easy to get. And they will throw their energy and resources behind popular trends.

Remember when you were a teen and all the adults would warn you not to surrender to peer pressure? They pretended that was a teen issue because teens often do stupid stuff. But as you grow up, you discover it’s a human issue. Adults prefer herds too.

By preferring herds, we let others rule us and use us unawares. Now a herd is not an issue by itself: we are social creatures after all. But an uncultivated herd is. YOU are responsible to curate your own herd. And since you are responsible for this, curate a herd of principled people.

Political Parties are unelected. They push money to candidates that give loyalty. And when you elect enough of them, the unelected Party rules the land. They need unprincipled herds to do this. How do we know? Because the policies and “important” matters change with the wind. They make money grabs into morals for the guilty codependent to feel important. A principled person remains unbudged, growing towards the sun. But the unprincipled are leaves, blowing about with every hashtag, shouting new and unexamined maxims from rooftops for the power grabs of others.

Examine your loyalties, particularly your political ones. The Parties shift. If you’ve been in one and haven’t noticed changes, your loyalties are to lesser things. Do you give more loyalty to truth and goodness than to them? If so, you’d be jumping some ships fast.

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