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Category: Postmodern

Election fraud or awful neighbors?

Just some perspective. When crisis hits, who in our communities can we rely on? Turns out the same ones who favored us in chains to the state the last two years haven’t changed their minds and prefer no checks on the abuses. So to preserve us from thinking the worst of them, we resort to lesser explanations of problems “out there.”…

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Seven reasons for courage after an election.

The secret of good people is that they don’t need permission to have joy nor do they depend on kings and senators to bring it to them. Milk and honey always abounds for those who see it. Good people want to make it easier for people to see it.

 The power in the bonds between good friends is the envy of kings.

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When your Party changes, do you notice?

Unprincipled people are as fickle as animals. They follow their appetites wherever they lead. They will buckle under any pressure. They will surrender to loud voices just to turn down the volume. They will eat bad food because it’s easy to get. And they will throw their energy and resources behind popular trends…

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The midterms election is a response to the COVID response

What did they the progressive, globalist govt teach us about itself with its behavior during Covid: 1) That it believes itself the final word on the hard sciences. 2) That children belong to them. 3) That parents who dislike (2) are terrorists. 4) Anyone who disagrees with the spokespeople are also terrorists who deserved to be censored and jobless. 5) That an excuse like Covid is enough to destabilize our own military, destabilize elections, cohort with social media companies to drive messaging and call truth “misinformation,” and print free money. Shall I go on? Never vote for someone who has shown themselves so incompetent in a crisis that they destroy your life and liberty. The first sign of competence is protecting life and liberty.

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The 2nd Amendment reminds us…

Gunphobics do not want you fighting for those values with your voice, your conscience, your writing, or with arms. Gunphobics don’t have those values. They are fighting for something else.

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The 2nd Amendment is all about self-defense.

Self defense is the first right of nature. Not just to stop the average criminal, but all possible acts of violence upon the innocent. This includes evil in the govt as well as evil invaders. The number of scenarios self-defense may be required is immeasurable. When anyone hinders this, whether neighbor or government, it is immoral. No excuse can make it moral. No bad actor can cancel the right. No manufactured fear from a noisy populace is sufficient. No argument for erasing self defense is the laughable name of “safety” is remotely credible…

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When they ask if you have guns at home.

Because Bloomberg wiggled his pet issues into medicine (like many others we know), doctors now ask about firearms on their patient info questionnaires. Add to that, school teachers ask kids about firearms at home. Police knock on your door without notice asking about firearms. Gunphobia lobbies want banks to track gun purchases. All of this is an attempt on the lives of the innocent. It may not be a direct attempt today, but neither was putting the innocent on train cars in 1943. We already know many today would have complied in 1943 because they comply over less risky things now.

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Are we prepared for the next abusive “emergency”?

How many awakened for the first time the tightness of these shackles in the so-called Land of the Free?

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On the 25th anniversary of Rich Mullins passing.

Early in my formation, Rich Mullins taught me the cost and passion of freedom more than anyone else.

“It’s okay to be lonely as long as you’ve free.”

The virtues of freedom ring more true than ever. And the costs are higher. And we are given a daily challenge to stand what we should stand for. Without freedom, love itself is crumbles. Freedom first because freedom has a purpose.

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The immoral chain-reaction to the income tax problem.

Our country doesn’t allow personal partnerships to reduce income tax penalties, unless you are married. So we rearranged marriage laws to include different kinds of partnerships. Gay marriage is necessary if one wants the tax benefits.

But would it be better to just be rid of the arbitrary thing called “income tax” than the morally grounded thing called “marriage”?…

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Two unchecked lies of our gender chaos

Here’s where we went wrong:

First, we wrongly believed sexual desire meant love.
This is unquestioned today. But sexual desire isn’t love. It’s just an appetite. Many relationships have been built with appetite (falling in and out of attraction) as the foundation. Because of this “love is love” became the meaning and purpose of marriage. Wrong premise. Wrong conclusion. Marriage is for procreation. Disagree all you want. But think harder about this before you do…

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A life worthy of freedom

At @voiceofthe2nd I pursue and celebrate freedom because it has a purpose. That purpose is to live a good life toward a moral authority larger than govt, mob, or neighbor. That’s what freedom is for…

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